By becoming a member you are taking part in a movement to accelerate sustainable travel and tourism, the founding vision of OPR and travel according to your own values. In addition, active members that contribute ratings and reviews will earn points, redeemable at partner sites in future versions. The more appreciated your ratings and reviews are by other members the more points you will earn.


No, OPR is not a booking site. In later versions of the service, we might link you to relevant booking sites.

If you are not a member you can still see all the ratings and reviews on the platform, you need to have a user account to be able to rate yourself and to receive points for your participation in future versions of the service.

No. All the services and facilities of OPR which aims at sustainable tourism is absolutely free for all its members.

No, we only provide the technology platform, users (you)  set the ratings on their own.

Any individual who wishes to make a positive impact towards the environment & society, who wishes to create a sustainable future for the next generation can become a member of the OPR movement.