We introduced the direct questions to further exemplify what you can rate on the platform, we call these questions Level 4. 

As with any user-generated data service, we can’t be 100 % sure that every single review is done with the best intentions. The first line of defense is that reviews can only be submitted by registered profiles using a real and full name, picture and other data points. We will also be using cutting edge fraud detection systems on the platform as it opens up to the public.

No, you rate as much as you want and can when it suits you. Remember, every single piece of data is valuable and you can always come back and rate again.

No, the General Sustainability Rating which forms Level 1 of the rating model is not dependent on the Specific Ratings which from Level 2-4 of the rating model. All levels in the model are independent of each other as the data is more important than perceived linkages. For example, let us assume for restaurant X you gave a General Sustainability Rating of 4 globes. In the Specific Rating, you gave 4 globes for the environment, 3 globes for social and 3 globes for Cultural. These ratings do not automatically affect the Level 1 Rating which remains 4 itself.

This is where you can go deeper and become more specific in your sustainability rating and review. Level 2 of the rating model consists of three pillars; Environmental, Social & Cultural. You use the same global scale as in Level 1 - General Sustainability Rating. You can choose to rate only rate one or several categories in Level 2 and to go deeper to Level 3 and eventually Level 4 that are more specific categories like Energy and Food, and examples like the existence of solar panels or organic food on the menu.

This is the sustainability rating which forms Level 1 of the rating model. The rating is done by a 5 Globe rating scale. Here 5 globes are used to rate a particular entity with the minimum value at 1 globe to a maximum at 5 globes. It’s your overall impression from a sustainability point of view.
The scale for rating will be defined as follows:

1 Globe = Poor = no visible effort, clearly a negative impact
2 Globes = Fair = little visible effort, negatives likely outweigh positives
3 Globes = Average = some visible effort
4 Globes = Good = a strong effort is made, positive impact but more could be done
5 Globes = Excellent = all reasonable opportunities are visibly pursued

You can make a general sustainability rating (1-5 globes), hover over the text and see the definitions. You can also add a text review and choose to rate on a deeper level based on Environmental, Social and Cultural issues, the Specific Ratings. It’s completely up to you how many ratings categories you want to fill out. If you feel the general rating is enough that’s ok.