Our service sources open data on the web, basically just a name and address. The images are stock images from open sources. Owners and administrators that claim their page can add imags of their own. 

Just like engaging with partners we choose advertisers that are fighting the same fight as we do, to create a more sustainable world, be it in travel or other related fields like lifestyle brands (clothing, equipment, food etc).

Sights are indoor activities like museums, tour guides, archeological sites, cultural venues, historic buildings and more.

These are entities that OPR deem to be front runners in sustainable tourism, some of which can be partners to OPR.

This includes outdoor activities such as beaches, national parks, diving, mountains, urban walks etc.

It contains lists of restaurants, cafes, bars, inns, taverns, pubs, night clubs etc.

It contains lists of hotels, B&B, motels, lodges, hostels, serviced apartments, holiday homes etc.

Yes, we will be releasing apps for both platforms in 2020.

No, only members of OPR can review and rate i.e, someone with a registered account with OPR.

OPR’s mission is to promote sustainable tourism globally. So, yes our service can be used anywhere from day 1. We plan to introduce other languages than English as soon as we can.

In future versions of the service, you will be able to do so. As with ratings and reviews, you must conform to our terms of agreement regarding what you submit.

You can write it in the free text form (the review) and also suggest it to us as a new category in the Leave Feedback section, which we will then consider.

Yes, you are free to rate anything you can find on the platform, we have focused on these five categories as they are most relevant to travel and tourism.

We want to give the travelers a voice and to give a citizen perspective on matters that have long been in the domain of hard to understand criteria. Expert lists and certifications are great and fill an important purpose but are not well suited for quick research before a trip or to get the traveler perspective, and can often be complicated to really understand. See our platform as a complement to these certifications and expert lists.

Even if you are “beginner” you can see if there are solar panels on the roof of the hotel, if there are energy saving devices in the room, how well buildings blend into the natural environment or if the beach is clean. If you are a sustainability professional, you can be as detailed and comprehensive as you want. Every single piece of information and data is important, one single rating or review can be slightly off but together with other users’ reviews it forms a more accurate picture. OPR is really about the wisdom of the crowds and the building of a movement of people that want to help protect our natural and man made wonders.

Yes, in fact, we designed the service so that every hotel, restaurant, and travel related activity that you find on services like Google Maps are rateable from day 1. It is especially important that you rate even those that have not started on this journey, with your help we can help push them along.

No, we believe traveling and experiencing/interacting with other cultures and natural wonders make the individuals and the world more sustainable. There is a lot we can improve with existing travel and tourism related activities and it is here we want your help. We are not disputing the fact that flying causes emissions but believe it’s more productive to lobby for more efficient engines and for innovative and clean technology than to deny the fact that tourism is a big industry that needs to become more sustainable.

One Planet Rating will measure its success not only in terms of its balance sheet and profits but also on how well we do in relation to the relevant Sustainable Development Goals, for example, Goal nr 8.9 on promoting sustainable tourism and local jobs and Goal nr 13 to work on combating climate change through the promotion of renewable energy to lower emissions. See more on our website; oneplanetrating.org/impact  

Sustainable tourism is defined as “tourism that respects both local people and the traveler, cultural heritage and the environment” by UNESCO. Sometimes you will come across the term Responsible Tourism which is a variation on the same theme, defined as; “making better places for people to live in and better places for people to visit.” in the Cape Town Declaration from 2002. A third term that is often used is Ecotourism, defined as "responsible travel to natural areas that conserves the environment, sustains the well-being of the local people, and involves interpretation and education" (The International Ecotourism Society).

One Planet Rating (OPR) is a platform where global citizens can view and/or rate travel and tourism related entities like Hotels, Restaurants, Museums, Beaches and other activities on the basis of sustainability, more specifically Environmental, Social and Cultural issues. For example, are there signs of renewable energy, is the beach littered, is local culture promoted, does the architecture blend in well with the natural environment?