Your Voice: What Sustainability Means To Me

Happy New Year to All!

As we look forward to another exciting year ahead for One Planet Rating, we begin our first blogpost this year with an interaction with one of our users, Manisha Dokania. Aiming to resonate what One Planet Rating stands for, the Your Voice series of interactions involves connecting with our users, understanding their views around Sustainability and Travel and having them share their experiences.

Currently based in Mumbai, working as a marketing professional, Manisha has lived across various parts of India and is an avid traveler. While she’s travelled extensively across India, she’s eager to start her adventures abroad. Check out her rating from her last trip to Paro, in Bhutan, here.

OPR: Sustainability could mean Environmental, Social or Cultural issues. How do you relate with the theme Sustainability and what does it mean to you? 

Manisha: I feel it’s something all of us need to care about. To me Sustainability is about giving back. Giving back to the environment, giving back to people – we need to strive to include this in all of our interactions within our travels. Be it human, wildlife or nature.

OPR: Your favorite travel destination and why so? And something sustainability related that attracts you to this place?

Manisha: It has to be my latest one. Bhutan. This ought to be on the travel bucket list of everybody. It’s the most sustainable place I have visited or heard about. From nature to food to clothes. Citizens love the country, are proud to talk about the history of the country and you do feel that in your interactions with them. Cleanliness is a way of living there and is practiced and promoted by the king to the common man. Not a piece of paper or garbage will be seen on the roads or anywhere. They also enjoy life to the fullest by working over weekdays and family time over weekends. A must recommended place to visit.

OPR: What was your favorite part or rating on the One Planet Rating platform and what would you like to see more of, for example a feature?

Manisha: I think this entire concept of allowing one to rate a destination based on Sustainability is unique and a need of the hour. I’d be keen to let people know about my experiences – places they should visit, places they can avoid.

The rating process was easy and questions included were quite diverse and all inclusive. I’d love to see though an app for the same to make this more convenient.

OPR: How have you been incorporating Sustainability within your everyday life? 

Manisha: It’s interesting how you begin to see sustainability as a practice around you once you actually start practicing it. We’ve been doing little things but do believe it could make an impact in the longer run. From reducing our plastic bag consumption – which is a major concern here in Mumbai to initiating CSR related activities at my workplace, I’ve been trying to incorporate this within my daily life. Often it’s not too easy and after a couple of days of practicing, I do tend to get back to my older ways. But I do want to change that and am hoping to do so in the current year.

OPR: Ofcourse sustainability matters also in your home city. What would you like your city or municipality council to improve that could make a big change?

Manisha: Mumbai as a city is in dire needs of proper urban planning. To start with we need to have closed garbage bins in public places and more of greener spaces. This city lacks open green parks and there needs to be more of these. The city needs to breathe.

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