I want to travel sustainably BUT can I do it cheaply?

You’ve heard it across various social channels – “Reduce your carbon footprint while traveling”. This may at times trap some into believing that sustainable travel is not easy and may only be for the elite – “I may need to travel in green-cars”, “I need to look for a special kind of eco-friendly boutique hotel”. This could not be farther from the truth. From our interaction with travel bloggers from across the world, one thing that resonates is “Sustainable travel is easy” and it can very well be done on a budget.


Here are some quick to-do’s for your next trip,

Look for destinations carefully

Not only is this a cheap option, it is often the richest in terms of memories on the trip. It’s the easiest way to experience the culture of a place.

Here’s one place we’ve been recommended –

Cj Sinclair from Go Travel and Talk loved visiting Guatemala. And she was surprised to see eco-communities, eco-driven organic farms, and eco-driven sustainable housing projects throughout the country.

And Cj’s views are shared by another of our contributor’s Charlotte from Travel Rebel.


You do not need to buy extra-luggage on your next air trip

Effectively, pack light. You really do not need a new pair of clothes for everyday of your trip. Think of the last time you travelled – how many did you actually use. Check up on the destination and aspects like weather beforehand, so you may not end up packing stuff for “just in case” moments.

travel on a budget, pack lightly

And then pack some essentials. Here some tips,

Jay from the Earth Below Girls recommends always traveling with a refillable water bottle. So there isn’t a need to purchase bottled water.

Check out Brittany’s Zero Waste Kit for some ideas on what reusable items to bring for Zero Waste travel.


And since we began the post with carbon footprints.

Try out FlyGrn’s cool calculator to figure out the CO2 footprint of your next flight


Choose homestays

Margherita and Nick from The Crowded Planet recommend homestays as a great way to get in touch with local people and learn more about their culture. They prefer staying in locally-run guesthouses or support community-based tourism projects organizing homestays or similar experiences. 

Better Places Travel offers their clients a sustainable experience by focusing on small-scale accommodation such as homestays.

Staying with a host family can be an experience that comes cheap and allows you to have an insight in to the city you are staying in. What better way to culturally immerse yourself.


You really don’t need to shop that much on your trip

collect experience not things, budget travel

Take a cue from Chelsea, Matt & their daughter Kai (pictured above) from Unsettle Down on their move to “collecting experiences and not things”. They’ve extended this to their entire lifestyle. Try it on the next trip. Make it about experiences – connecting with people, learning a few words of the local language, trying out local foods, or as they say “taking in the place”. It certainly would leave you with a lot more to cherish and longer lasting memories.


Know of more ways to travel sustainable on a budget.

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