Connecting hoteliers to the future of hospitality: The mission of I Meet Hotel

Our founder and CEO Richard Lindberg is headed to Istanbul next month to participate in a conference conducted by I Meet Hotel. Richard is participating in the discussion on how the hospitality industry can lessen its environmental footprint. We were interested in getting to know I Meet Hotel, the organizers behind the conference. As it prepares to host its third event, this Krakow-based organization prides itself in being the first global industry event organizer connecting hoteliers to the future of hospitality. We caught up with Kristian Lupinski from their team for a quick chat on the organization and its objectives.


I meet hotel hospitality conference

The idea behind I Meet Hotel

I Meet Hotel aims to provide hoteliers with insights into new technologies, innovative business models, trends in marketing and media, and customer loyalty.  The conference brings influential names in the hospitality industry in conversation with hoteliers, to increase hoteliers’ knowledge, help them make the best decisions about their business and potentially tap into new sources of revenue. I Meet Hotel is the channel through which networks and partnerships are built, and where business opportunities are uncovered. 


I meet hotel hospitality conference

A look at past events

The previous two events took place in Poland – Warsaw and Krakow to be specific. After the success of these events, I Meet Hotel is now designed as a traveling conference. Within Poland, they have already built partnerships with over 27 hospitality and travel services.

A peek into 2020

Their upcoming Istanbul event is set to be the biggest they’ve hosted so far. It brings together industry experts who will offer an engaging and intellectual discussion around topics such as AI, the environmental impact of the hotel industry, sustainability and more.

As I Meet Hotel is a traveling conference, they have planned four additional stops in 2020. All of these aim at engaging with the local hospitality community. However, they are also keen to go beyond Poland. They now have partners across Europe as well as internationally and you will see a lot more in that space.


I meet hotel hospitality conference

Sustainability: A sustained focus for the hospitality industry

Having hosted conferences and kept a close tab on the pulse of the industry, I Meet Hotel reports  a visible shift in the focus on sustainability among stakeholders. From hotels to service providers, there is a growing desire to become more sustainable within the sector. And as enablers, I Meet Hotel is striving to bring sustainability experts to share best practices to enhance the performance of the hospitality industry. 


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