5 sustainability focused restaurants in Stockholm you must visit

Our previous blog covered bloggers Unsettle Down who shared why they considered Scandinavian countries including Sweden as one of their favourite travel destinations. In their words, the countries in Scandinavia “don’t try to control nature but instead live within it harmoniously”.

This has been a major reason why Stockholm in Sweden or Oslo in Norway rank highly in most of the lists of sustainable cities globally. The 2017 Sustainable Cities Mobility Index ranked Stockholm in the top 10. Click here to see how One Planet Rating users have rated the city. And the city’s obsession with green is no different when it comes to food. Stockholm leads Europe in consumption of organic foods and has restaurants across the city with sustainability at their core.

Here’s a look at five restaurants across Stockholm which are great options for you


food 1

This restaurant serves plant-based food and desserts, with flavors and influences from many different cultures to explore and enjoy. They call it planet friendly food.  The dishes and desserts are made in the kitchen with care and thought, and the team uses organic raw materials whenever possible. All waste is recycled, work clothes and clothes sold are made with organic cotton and bamboo, the restaurant is eco-labeled, and the company car rolls on biofuel.

Check out the rating and review to Hermans on One Planet Rating


Mahalo Hälsocafet

food 2

Started in 2015 by a team who loves to cook and eat, this establishment emphasize being creative, working with good ingredients, and discovering new exciting flavors in the process. They have cafés located on Hornsgatan on Södermalm and Odengatan / Roslagsgatan in Vasastan. The team prides itself in making all their food with a lot of love for the environment. They use mainly organic raw materials and choose products from small local businesses. (See what OPR users think of the place)

food 3


First opened in 1922, this restaurant creates contemporary Swedish dishes with inspiration drawn from the wildlife of the north, the west coast’s fish and seafood, to the crops of the southern regions. They cherish Swedish culinary traditions and work closely with a network of breeders, growers and producers throughout Sweden. The look of the restaurant too is inspired by a mix of contemporary Swedish design with well-preserved features from Stadshuskällaren’s original 1920s furnishings and fittings.

Check out a review one of our users left back for this restaurant.

food 4

For the team at Urban Deli, “good food is in focus”. Their vision revolves around  making food life easier, better and happier. A combination of shop, grocery store and restaurant gives the team an opportunity to create their own circuit, where raw materials can be taken care of and processed instead of being thrown. The food has been developed in a way that is good for humans, animals, the environment and climate. This year they’ve enhanced focus on sustainability – one measure has been a move to provide and inspire a protein change for both planet and human health. They’ve also stopped using plastic bags for shoppersUrban Deli Sveavägen was also nominated for this year’s ” Sustainable Innovator of the Year “.


Restaurang Volt

food 5

With a kitchen as closely connected to nature and far from industrially produced food as one can get, this restaurant located in the heart of Stockholm city boasts of a menu focused on ingredients and products sourced from nature. They also pride themselves in collaborating with producers who share this quest and passion. If you’re a wine lover, they have a variety of wines that come from small-scale producers who carefully tend their land. The wines are produced from grapes that are cultivated as purely as possible and with as little impact interference as can be.

Restaurang Volt’s earned a four-star rating on One Planet Rating. 

Been to any of these restaurants or know of some other which is focussed on sustainability?

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