Does this city have the best Sustainable Transportation system?

Paris is regarded as one of the most visited cities in the world. It’s home to some of the greatest artists and designers the world has known and also has some truly prominent museums. In fact, the city is also visited extensively to test the ‘French gastronomy’, listed since 2010 as part of the world’s cultural heritage by Unesco. Another thing you cannot miss in the city is the notable examples of architecture from across every period of history, extending from the Middle Ages to the 21st century.

Paris has more recently also hosted the most important conferences about the environment, pledging its commitment to the fight against climate change. However, in spite of this the city does face its fair share of woes. People still use a lot of plastic, believing that current waste management policies are enough to make garbage stay out of the oceans. Another draw back may be the lack of options in the city when it comes to vegan food.

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On the positive side, the city has an extensive and unique public transportation system. This is well connected not only within the city but also to the outskirts. And trust me, travelling with the metro, Paris RER or tram is faster and easier than with a car. Additionally, the government is consciously making efforts to make more people aware of the pollution caused by cars and the advantages of public transport. And during a visit to Paris, it is very likely you would come across some refurbishment exercise to improvise the trains or metro stations. And there are always alternatives – if some lines are totally closed, you will be able to move with buses, for example.  Last, the city is continuously implementing new means of transport such as electric buses, scooters, bicycles etc.

An unique feature I’ve seen in this city which should be replicated in other cities is – when the pollution levels are high, authorities implement a low fare tariff, known as the “Forfait Antipollution”, which allows you to move during the day across all of Paris with just one ticket.

In short, Paris is one of the most interesting cities in the world and the means of transport available make it very accessible to tourists to see a lot within just a couple of days.

This blog is authored by OPR’s Ambassador from Paris – Roxana Macias. Native from Mexico, Roxana currently lives in Paris. She has a bachelor’s degree in International Relations and possesses an international background as an exchange student in The Netherlands. She has a wealth of experience from the NGO sector, the academic field and the corporate social responsibility field in the business sector. One of the main reason that motivated her to come to France was the country’s environmental achievements. After arriving in France, she got to know One Planet Rating and decided to become an ambassador. She hopes to actively encourage people to make more sustainable choices in their lifestyle. You can be an OPR Ambassador too. Know more here.

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