The powerful promise of new hospitality partnerships

areThe coronavirus forces businesses to shut down and greatly affects the hospitality and tourism industries. Companies are showing their resilience through new hospitality partnerships and inviting consumers to adapt. Restaurants and coffee shops set up delivery services, introduced gift cards and vouchers. All to encourage customer spending and to ensure visits for when the crisis calms down. Tour operators, airlines and hotels also allow trips to be postponed and have relaxed their booking policies. The hope is for people to book holidays in spite of the uncertainty. However, some businesses refuse to face the crisis alone and are joining forces to make the best of a difficult situation.

New hospitality partnerships and solidarity between businesses

Some businesses show solidarity by creating partnerships with other companies in order to provide new offerings and services. Swedish online marketplace Blocket and the hotel chain Elite Hotels set an important precedent in announcing their collaboration.

This new partnership between Blocket, a popular search platform for housing in Sweden, will now rent Elite Hotel rooms to housing applicants around Sweden. The rooms, which include refrigerators, cleaning and wifi come at a significantly discounted price. They start at SEK 7995 per month (730€) and can be rented monthly until January 2021.

There are many benefits with the temporary housing solution. It’s a helpful means to solve the Swedish housing shortage. It offers housing in central locations for those in need. Thirdly it helps to secure hotel workers’ jobs, and ensure businesses survive the crisis.

hospitality industry

The expectation is that these much-needed types of business partnerships will continue to grow in the coming months. This offers hope for the hospitality industry.

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