5 of the most cultural cities in the world

In 2009, the social psychologist Adam Galinsky conducted a study in which he found that people who lived abroad excelled at creative problem solving. Research has revealed a strong link between high levels of creativity and immigration. In this blog, with help from Hansen & Company Immigration Lawyers, we look at the topic of immigration from a creative perspective and we ask, what are the most cultural cities in the world?

5. Paris, France


The renowned philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once quipped that “an artist has no home in Europe except in Paris.” With 245 theaters, 147 museums and 69 art galleries; it’s clear that the city of lights is a haven for creative types. Factor into this, its high quality of life rating and vibrant food culture and you can easily understand why Paris is such an excellent choice for up-and-coming artists wishing to move abroad.

4. Miami


Home to the world’s largest collection of art deco architecture, Miami is a lively cultural hub boasting a wealth of theaters, museums and art galleries. So this is a good choice for creative types hoping to move to the US.

3. Prague, Czech Republic

PragueNot only has Prague an excellent quality of life with low cost of living (just $640.15$ per month), but it also has a rich artistic legacy that is sure to appeal to creatives. With over 200 art galleries and 4 concert halls, this enchanting city is a wonderful option for those seeking an alternative to more cliched options.

2. Dublin, Ireland


Famed for its massive contribution to music and literature, the LA Times perfectly captured Dublin’s essence when they wrote that “Even a short stay in Dublin is like walking into literary history, accompanied by music.” Ranked 34th in the world for quality of life, newcomers to Dublin will enjoy its friendly and welcoming atmosphere as well as its vast selection of theaters, restaurants and concert halls.

1. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Cultural city: Amsterdam

Coming in at number one, Amsterdam in the Netherlands has long been a cultural hotspot for creative nomads. In addition to the high quality of life (the city is ranked 12th in the world). The expats will also enjoy the city’s relaxed and open vibe. See below for a large amount of cultural activities it offers:

Theatres: 96

Museums: 81

Art galleries: 54

Michelin-starred restaurants: 43

Concert halls: 8

World Heritage Sites: 2

Finally, check out this amazing infographic on the most cultural cities in the world
Infographic: The 10 most cultural cities in the world

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