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A recent report entitled ‘Sustainable Fashion Blueprint Report 2018‘ underlines evidence to the claim that the fashion industry is the second worst polluting industries in the world today. 350,000 km2 of land, roughly the size of Germany, is dedicated to cotton production while an estimated 93 billion m3 of water, enough to support 5 million people to survive, is used by the industry every year. Roughly half a million ton of microfiber, the equivalent of three million barrels of oil is dumped in the ocean every year. The fashion industry is responsible for a 10 percent of all carbon emissions in the environment.

The industry needs Sustainability. One player taking an initiative in this direction is US based Joon + Co.. Working with stylish and responsible fashion brands, Joon + Co. is aiming to make shopping conscious and convenient.

We recently caught up with Becky VandenBout, founder of Joon + Co. An electrical engineering with a background in web development and controls engineering, Becky left her full time job to pursue her lifetime dream of a career in fashion. She is passionate about sustainable living and helping other ambitious, driven women accomplish their dreams.



Journey to sustainability

I used to run a style blog and realized that a lot of the clothing I was promoting was made completely irresponsibly. I did a bit of digging and more digging and more, and it turned into a passion for sustainable fashion.

About the platform

Joon + Co. is striving to become the go-to online retailer for ethical fashion and style. We maintain a very modern aesthetic, which is not always easy to do with the ethical and sustainable fashion available today.

We have to search the globe for some of the wonderful brands that we carry, and our hope is that we can provide these amazing garments and accessories to people in one, easy to use, online shopping destination. It shouldn’t be so hard to find responsibly made contemporary fashion.

A fight against unethical practices in the fashion industry

By only stocking brands that produce their garments sans sweatshops and without animal cruelty, we aim to fight against unfair labor practices and animal violence. As of January 2018, we have not purchased any pieces containing more than 5% synthetics. We opt for organic fibers over inorganic, and we make sure if any leather is used, that it comes from animals already being used for their meat. Our prices are at a point where people are not mindlessly impulse shopping, and we provide all of the “why, how, and what” on each product detail page. You can also browse our shop by capsule wardrobe, designer, ethic, item type, and price to ensure you’re getting something that you’ll cherish for decades to come.

The Easy Capsule, one of the products offered by Joon + Co. consists of 10 of the most luxurious, easy to wear, and comfortable pieces from brands like Groceries Apparel, Hackwith Design House, and Ali Golden.

The Destination Capsule – Cool Off, Travel in Style

The Destination Capsule wardrobe is a 10×30 (10 pieces that make 30 outfits) capsule wardrobe that aims to help you pack lighter and stay longer, wherever your adventures take you. The 10 pieces combined weigh less than 4 pounds and take up less than half of a typical carryon sized piece of luggage. Not only will you have a month’s worth of responsibly made, high end clothing for your trip, you’ll have plenty of room to collect treasures, memories, and experiences along the way.

A favourite travel destination

Honestly, one of my favorite travel destinations is San Francisco. The people, the views, the sights, they’re all beautiful.

So many eco-minded business and people reside there and the amount of creation and innovation that comes from that region of the country is amazing.

Tips on adopting sustainability

Start small. It can be really overwhelming when you pick up books about zero waste and living a minimalist and sustainable lifestyle. Start simple and add-on. For example, in my household, we started very small by eliminating the use of disposable straws. We now use bamboo and steel straws when we are out. When our toilet paper stash ran out, instead of renewing our Charmin subscription on Amazon, we opted for Who Gives a Crap toilet paper and couldn’t be happier. Disposable hand-soap containers are easily swapped with re-useable, and often more stylish, containers, and even things like swiffer sweeper pads and dusters can be swapped out for a high quality duster and re-useable floor pad like the e-cloth version. Start small, and as things run out in your household, swap out your regulars for a more sustainable option.

As far as tips for adopting a sustainable wardrobe go,

– Use what you have first

– Upcycle and buy used is the next step. If you need something specific, find retailers like Joon + Co. that round up the best sustainable fashion brands under the sun. It’s more efficient and less overwhelming then hitting up all of the direct to consumer sites out there separately.

– Next, consider building a capsule wardrobe where you can mix and match to create a ton of looks with minimal pieces. Build one of what you already have and fill in the gaps. Changing up your style or recently changed sizes?

Joon + Co. sells capsule wardrobes that you can buy at a heavy discount if you buy all 10 pieces.

A must-see place back home 

East Coast in the Spring: Newport, RI was our most recent trip, and the history around the gilded age is so interesting. The views, the seafood, the shopping were all incredible. We managed to plan our trip just before the heavy tourism season started (we went in April), so we basically had the run of the place without lines, crowds, or travel chaos.

West Coast in the Summer: San Francisco

Midwest in the Fall: The drive up the west side of the state from Muskegon to Traverse City, through Leelenau, is one of the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. If you love Fall colors, water, and a not-too-long, half-day drive.

Winter: Disney World in Orlando, FL. I’m a serious Disney person. I can’t help it, I think they embedded some of our brains with chips when we were small children, and we will always love Disney anything. My favorite “princess” is Moana.

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