3 ways to help the tourism industry during the coronavirus crisis

The Coronavirus (COVID-19) is having unprecedented consequences worldwide and it’s no surprise that the hardest hit industries are the tourism and hospitality industries. It’s hard to see the world’s most lively places deserted as people are asked to stay confined. Shops, hotels and tourist attractions are closing down, global travel is almost at a standstill and many jobs are likely to be lost as a result of the crisis.

But the situation will not last eternally, and there are several things you can do to help the tourism industry get back on its feet when things get back to normal.

Plan your future trips


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Your travel prospects in the short term may be affected but you could use this time to search for your next destination. Day-dreaming doesn’t hurt and it can help you stay positive when you’re stuck at home! Browse travel blogs for inspiration, order a guide book to your dream destination and create plans and itineraries. Don’t forget to include the restaurants, hotels and attractions you want to check out along the way! If you feel like you’re never as organized as you want to be on holiday, now is the time to plan. During this social distancing period, why not also ring a friend to ask them about their best holiday and their tips and recommendations?

Now more than ever we’re facing the reality of our interconnectedness and we should take this time to pause and rethink the way we consume, act and travel. The COVID-19 crisis is showing us that what we do affects others, both positively and negatively, and we can choose a course of action that only affects others positively.  You can let that lesson inspire you on your next trip by choosing more sustainable, responsible and ethical ways of traveling. Don’t hesitate to check our suggestions for sustainable travel on Instagram and read user reviews for sustainable restaurants, hotels and cities on the platform.

Support local restaurants, coffee shops and hotels


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Restaurants are one of the most hard-hit by the coronavirus crisis but some restaurants may continue their operations by offering delivery services. Check which restaurants offer those services in your area and order some of your favorite food. Your local coffee shop may have an online shop selling craft coffee so have a look at their website if you want a nice cup of coffee at home while supporting your local shop.

You can also buy gift cards for restaurants and coffee shops and gift them to your friends and family for their birthdays (or just if you feel generous). The foodies in your life will love it! Plus everyone’s got to eat and it’s better for the environment than other materialistic purchases.

The same goes for hotels. Staycations are on trend, just book a hotel in your city to unwind when the confinement period is over; it’s likely you’ll want to step out of your house then. Similarly, if you have a big birthday coming up among one of your loved ones, why not gift them a stay at a hotel?

Support your favorite museums


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Do you ever get out of the museum gift shop and wonder why you didn’t buy that beautiful book you saw? Well, chances are that the museum has an online gift shop where you can get it.

Lots of museums also offer digital tours of their collections, so while you’re bored at home, why not visit the museums virtually, and donate something equivalent to the usual entrance fee?

In this uncertain period, these small actions can not only help you keep a positive outlook and give you brighter moments to look forward to while staying home, but it can also ensure that tourism and hospitality businesses are able to operate again when the crisis is over.


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