Green Events in Barcelona

A passion for sustainable development, and an interest in the field of solidarity economy drove Luz Monsalve to set up the event management company, Green Events Barcelona. The company helps individuals and corporates plan sustainable experiences, provides training and organizes events in and around Barcelona.

Here’s a look at one of their recent and more popular events,

A day trip involves a hike around a Mediterranean village, Mataró, through farm lands and forests with awesome sea views, followed by a visit of a hermitage, a sustainable chicken farm, and a walk through the main village street to end in an eco-restaurant located right in front of the beach.

“We support projects that promote local, equitable and eco-friendly development, and social and employment reintegration. For instance, some of our experiences or venues, like honey and beekeeping, the organic farm, one of the maritime schools, the wine yard, amongst others offer jobs to disabled people. So our catering service provide jobs to immigrants besides people from across Spain that were in a socio-economically vulnerable situation”, say Luz.

Having been involved with XES, a community set up to promote the solidarity economy in Catalonia, Luz got to know a lot of initiatives and even studied a Solidarity post graduate program. Greenevents emerged as part of the final work of the studies and the inspiration was to contribute to create a social market in Catalonia catering to sustainable development.

Green Events Barcelona has been certified by the Biosphere Responsible Tourism, committed to promoting the principles of the “World Charter For Sustainable Tourism”. It also adheres to the principles of Barcelona+Sostenible. They have also been ably supported locally. They have received advisory support from Aracoop, Catalonia social economy, and a number of local tourism agencies have helped promote their services.

Pictured above is Luz at a recent event in Mataró Village. Green Events Barcelona collaborated in the planning of the social and solidarity week in the Mataró Time bank’s 10th anniversary

Stressing the aspect of a Social or Solidarity economy, Luz explains, “Our way of managing is participatory decision-making. Our suppliers are local, ecological and we ensure that they also are in the Solidarity economy network (XES). We also participate as volunteers in the Social and Solidarity network in Catalonia.”

If you want to help Barcelona achieve Sustainable Tourism,

stay in more places than just Barcelona city centre.

Finally, as a piece of advice to One Planet Rating readers keen to visit Barcelona, that touches upon the subject of overtourism, Luz says; – “If you want to help Barcelona achieve Sustainable Tourism, stay in more places than just Barcelona city centre. There are so many tourists that local people feel they are loosing their city. Instead visit the villages around Barcelona, support local places that aid sustainable development. There are a bunch of awesome beaches and places to visit, and we can help you find them. You are welcome to visit Greenevents experiences whenever you want!”

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