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Started in 2014, the Campsite and Home Stays under Krishna River Camp was born out of an aspiration of Mumbai resident, Milan Wadkar, to live in harmony with nature, away from the chaotic city life.

Krishna River Camp offers guests an opportunity to experience adventure camping. Besides experiencing the flavors of rural India, one can enjoy tent stays, barbecued dinners, a swim in the nearby river, bamboo raft & boat rides, treks, farm visits, target sports, campfire and even an organic strawberry plucking experience. (Been here? Share your experience)

Located in the town of Wai in the state of Maharashtra, India, the campsite is approximately 4.5 hours of a drive from Mumbai and 2 hours from Pune.

Wai is a picturesque destination  surrounded by the mountainous Sahyadri ranges. Wai is also en-route to some of Maharashtra’s most famous hill stations including Panchgani and Mahabaleshwar.

It is home to the River Krishna and one can experience the richness of its historical past with a visit to the Pandavgad Fort besides many revered temples including the prominent Dholya Ganpati and Narsimha Temple.

Sustainability is core to Krishna River Camp. Milan shares, “Everything we do at Krishna River Camp, we ensure is done in harmony with nature. In our everyday city lives, we often forget what is essentially, a meant to be, ‘a oneness with nature’. That was my intent of setting up this camp site. We source locally, employ locally and ensure all we do has the least impact on the environment.”

“We aim to coexist in harmony with nature. In short, everything that Krishna River Camp does has a Environment, Social and Cultural connect.”

Some of the Sustainable practices at Krishna River Camp include,

  • Awareness activities including star gazing, treks to local forts including Raireshwar and Kamal Gad. Visits are also conducted to Honey Bee and Dairy farms. These trips and treks are conducted by the local farmers, providing them with an additional source of income apart from their agricultural income.

  • Rice and Strawberry plantation events which let guests experience the daily life of farmers toiling at farms.

  • Creating awareness amongst local farmers on organic farming. Camp guests can purchase organic agro produce of the local farming community directly without any kind of middlemen fees.

  • Organising agri centric activities like Bullock cart rides or Tractor rides helping farmers earn an additional income.

  • Conducting local tours to educate visitors of the heritage and culture of Wai. These trips include prominent places in the vicinity including the Balkavdi Dam, Dhom Dam, Dholya Ganpati, Menavli Ghat, House of Peshwa Nana Fadnavis, Narsimha Temple and Mapro Gardens. One can also indulge in a day tour to famous hill station Panchgani and Mahableshwar which are at a driving distance from the camp.

    Once again these tours are conducted by local farmers who run tourist vehicles for campers as a part time activity.

  • Despite being a 365 days campsite, KRC does not have a kitchen at the camp. Cooked food is procured directly from the farmers in the vicinity.

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