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Featured Destination: Hobbit Stockholm

Fan of the epic fantasy adventure, Lord of the Rings? You might want to visit Hobbit Stockholm on your next trip to the Swedish capital. Tucked away in the east suburb of Stockholm, Nacka, this cosy bed and breakfast hotel has recreated the setting of the fairytale letting you be part of the story. Run by the Sandell family, this hobby hotel evolved from a dream Fredrik Sandell has for his daughters.

“When I saw the first movie, Lord of the Rings, I immediately knew I wanted to build a Hobbit house. It’s taken a few years before the story became a reality. So currently the Hobbit Stockholm serves up as a Bed and Breakfast and in the future, I hope to have my daughters Alva and Agnes relocate and live there,” explains Fredrik.

What could guests expect for a stay

Fredrik shares, “Perhaps this is the one place in the world that most closely resembles a real Hobbit house. The interior consists of 100-year-old wood and bricks. Besides, all modern amenities are available in an old style.”

The hotel also offers a collection of movies one could enjoy with the settings. And if you run out of those, Fredrik suggests you sit in front of the fireplace and dream away.

The hotel offers first and second breakfasts served just the way the Hobbits like it. The rest of the meals are also Hobbit inspired.

The place has seen a fair share of fan following. It’s evidenced in the stream of ‘Lord of the Rings’ fans for who this has been a dream come true. Fredrik takes pride in the fact that several visitors have alluded to the fact that his hotel aligns to and in some parts even exceeds the original movie setting in New Zealand.

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