Featured destination: Evolve Back Resorts, India

Our latest featured destination comes from India. The Evolve Back Resorts with three properties located in Coorg, Kabini and Hampi in South India have been built to offer luxury with responsibility.

Built on the theme of Coffee, Spice & Plantation Life to reflect the true spirit of Coorg, the Evolve Back Chikkana Halli Estate resort’s target is the discerning up market traveler. The resort is situated amidst three hundred acres of coffee and spice plantations, flanked on one side by the Dubare Reserve Forest and the river Cauvery on the other.

Inspired by the local Kadukuruba Hadis, the second property, Evolve Back Kuruba Safari Lodge in Kabini was opened in 2007. The architecture of this themed resort was crafted to transplant guests into a tribal milieu to enjoy the spectacle of Asia’s largest biosphere. Kabini is arguably considered India’s finest wildlife resort offering guests a chance to experience wildlife the tribal way.

Travel back in time to the glorious days of the 14th century Vijayanagara Empire with a stay at the groups third property, Evolve Back Kamalapura Palace in Hampi. You could even explore stone monuments at Hampi which tell you the story of what was once described as “the best provided city in the world”. The property is marked with a fort like entrance, stone-paved boulevards, arched hallways and regal chambers, mirroring the famed palaces of a bygone but glorious era.

Evolve Back Resorts was established in 1994 with the simple but dedicated mission of providing memorable experiential holidays while preserving and showcasing the nature and culture of the land. From the very outset, we were convinced that our brand of tourism would be a responsible one, embracing local communities and the environment within the scope of its business vision. This commitment to Responsible Tourism came quite easily to us as it is embedded in the heart of our family’s plantation legacy, which has always placed great value on care for the land and its people.

Jose Ramapuram – Director Marketing, Evolve Back

Some of the initiatives taken with a focus on responsible tourism include:

Conservation Through Education: Staff and guests are trained about responsible tourism awareness and sensitised about the local customs, culture and environment.

Waste Management: Through early stage waste segregation, state-of-the-art Sewage Treatment Plants, Biogas Plants, Vermicompost, Piggery and more, waste is sorted, removed and sold by locals who benefit from it economically as much as the resort does ecologically.

Reviving Local Culture: In keeping with our ‘Spirit of the land’ philosophy, all activities at the resorts are themed around the local culture and traditions. In addition, local artisans, performers and villagers are engaged to conduct activities to entertain and enlighten guests.

Besides these, some of the specific initiated on properties include
  • Electric buggies used to transport guests within resort
  • Local trees planted in the resort premises
  • Usage of cloth bags & bags made out of news papers is encouraged
  • Reverse Osmosis plant in each suite reduces usage of bottled drinking water
  • Local employment on properties
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