Eco Soul Hostel – London’s first ecological, community hostel

In our latest post we feature Eco Soul Hostel, an upcoming hostel and hub in London dedicated to bringing together people who share values of social change, sustainability and inner wellbeing. In the words of the Founder & Project Coordinator, Noah Walton,

“Again and again, we see that staying in a community where people have shared values has the potential to catalyse and inspire people. We’re excited that our community hub and hostel will have the capacity to bring over 10,000 people together each year around values of environmental sustainability, positive social change and well-being. There will be communal dinners with educational workshops, speakers and wellbeing practices from a diversity of voices happening every day. We plan to be the first vegan hostel in the city. We are looking to donate the profits as micro-grants for grassroots causes. Eco Soul will be a place for the our 18 year old selves to get inspired about amazing projects in the world. Our 40 year-old friends to use as a home-from-home when they’re passing through London. Also our 70 year-old selves to use as an inspiring base to see a more connected side of the city.” 

Eco Soul hostel in London


Volunteers run the hostel. They live here for up to a year, cooking, cleaning and hosting the community. Also the hostel invites guests to enjoy a sense of shared responsibility for the living space.

Eco Soul hostel community


The hostel is vegetarian/vegan aimed at reducing the carbon and animal footprint.

Everyone is invited to share a meal cooked by the volunteers at 7pm each night.

In addition, we aim to buy organic and fair-trade. Most of the food comes from Suma, a co-operative which pays all their employees the same wage.


Eco Soul hostel, organic and faird trade food

“We’ve built a coalition of over 20 not-for-profit partners in diverse fields. They understand the big positive effect that bringing 10,000 guests together each year. So in this way will have on social and sustainability movements. We have half the money in place and are now looking for our final of social investors to make the project happen. We are always keen to connect with people, so do get in touch if you would like to hear more.”

Recreation and others

Guests will have the opportunity to participate in wellbeing practices each morning including yoga, meditation and sharing.
In addition, guests will have the chance to live a guided and accessible low-carbon, ethical lifestyle.


We at One Planet Rating are eagerly looking forward to the launch of Eco Soul Hostel and wish Noah and the team all the luck. Follow the links below to stay abreast will all the happenings around this exciting project,

Facebook: ecosoulhostel

Twitter: ecosoulhostel

Instagram: ecosoulhostel

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