Gambia: Discover the smiling coast of Africa

A passion for traveling, besides having worked in the tourism industry, led Fafa Ceesay and Bea Ebrí to set up Tamala Travel with an objective to promote sustainable tourism in The Gambia, Africa.

A specialized tourist guide with a love for his country, Fafa shares the beauty of his people and the land here with One Planet Rating.

I believe, differences unite us more than they separate us

During the last decade, we have seen a lot of African youths leaving the continent in search of greener pastures in Europe, travels in which many have lost their lives. So, we decided to do something that can help the youth in The Gambia to sustain their work here. We believe that if there is job security, many of the youth will not risk their lives in undertaking those perilous journeys across the Mediterranean Sea, or even want to leave this beautiful country. This was the starting point to our project – besides, providing us with an opportunity to be self-employed and contribute toward the social development of The Gambia.

Our platform has been appreciated and we believe it does help us support many aligned working places including local hotels, transportation, etc. and their workers. We hope to scale this up, so as to contribute to The Gambia’s economic situation to the best of our ability.

Pictured above is the capital city of Gambia, Banjul

So what does The Gambia and in fact Africa have to offer when it comes to Sustainable Travel? Simple answer to that is – a lot, it’s one of the most blessed continents in terms of flora and fauna, the environment, the diversity of people and cultural heritages. We are helping people explore it while paying respect to the local population and their cultures and customs.

The Gambia river, pictured above, runs 1120 kilometers

The Gambia is well known for its hospitable and generous people, a reason why it’s known as the smiling coast of Africa. It is also one of the most stable countries in Africa. Thank to its geographical location, the Gambian temperature is moderate. Its sub-tropical climate, with an average temperature between 29 – 35 degrees during the day ensures you enjoy the sunshine almost throughout the year. With nearly 80 kms of coastline, including white sandy virgin beaches, you can enjoy beach visits with the gentle breeze of the Atlantic Ocean. Conveniently located with a five to six hour flight from Europe, this beautiful country offers you a lot to explore.

Tamala Travel offers trips to explore The Gambia including,

Sustainable Travel: Discover Gambia in a sustainable and respectful manner. From enjoying traditional meals, to a visit to the fishing village and interacting with locals, a ride across the Gambia to getting to know the history of the country, this pays tribute to the Environmental, Social and Cultural richness of the country.

Conscious Trip: Our Conscious Trip is based on the idea of traveling as a process of transformation through experience, looking both outside and inside. During the stay in Gambia, one can participate in group dynamics and workshops (Psychological narratives, emotional well-being) to delve into greater self-knowledge and personal growth.

About the author: 

My name is Fafa Ceesay. I was born in a village in the rural area of The Gambia, near the river that bears the same name of the country. I speak several languages: Spanish, English and three of the languages of my country, Wolof (my mother tongue), Mandinka (the most spoken language) and Fula (the language of my paternal grandmother). Currently, I reside in Castelló de la Plana, Spain. I arrived in Spain more than 10 years ago. My enthusiasm for knowing new territories, my passion for traveling and the political situation of the country led me to emigrate. Today, I am excited to share a new country: a democratic territory. Gambia, smile again.

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