Deer Traveler: Discovering the world needs a ‘love for life’

In our latest blog, we meet  the young traveler couple Zsuzsi and Dante. While Zsuzsi hails from a small town called Komárom in Slovakia, Dante was born in what he calls one of the most colorful countries of the world, Mexico. As fate would have it they met during an exchange semester in the city of Riga (read on to see what they recommend for travelers there), Latvia and have since embarked on a journey to discover the world, experiences which they share on their blog Deer Traveler.

And if Mexico is on your list of travels, read on to get to know the one city you just cannot miss.

Journey and interest in travel

We found in each other the passion for a lot of things, one of them is travelling. When we needed to go into a long distance relationship for second time we decided to start this project to feel more connected. With time it has grown and made us realize that this is a platform to be able to inspire others to fight for their dreams and achieve them. If we can do something that we love and at the same time change the life of a lot of others, nothing can help us feel more complete.


The platform and the experience this far

We want to explore this fascinating world in a sustainable way, connect with the places and the people in a higher level and share it through our blog and Instagram. We are hoping to inspire everyone to do the same, to make them realize about the fascinating things that this world has and how to discover them and at the same time be responsible.

We offer discount codes on our site to travel and accommodation sites including,, Airbnb, Couchsurfing and Trill. We also focus on highlighting sustainable and green products and users can buy these too with discounts – products like metal straws of NetZero straw and handy traveling articles from Palm & Peak.

Riga – A place we met and fell in love

This place is where our story started. It has such a special place in our hearts and every corner of this city remind us of unique and memorable moments. The city is very colorful, mostly in winter because it is a winter dreamland. The houses, the people and the traditions combine to weave a fairytale experience. Food and the local beer is also great – do try out the garlic bread and cherry beer! Also, natural wonders like Kipsala beach and Cesis forest are very close to the city. How many places let you see a beach frozen?


How we travel green

We always try to move light and are consciously focussing on a sustainable behavior. We are aware of the ecological footprint we leave and try to avoid activities that can cause it to grow in a negative manner. We always use bio products that can be useful in our trips.


A favorite travel destination

We’ve had lovely times in Mexico, and despite a lot of the cities not being aware of ecological matters, it is inspiring to see instances where some are turning to eco thinking. For example, Queretaro was one of the most beautiful cities that we visited in Mexico, and it is also the first city in Mexico that totally bans plastic bags.

Another great destination was La Huasteca, were we had such a deep connection with nature – the great waterfalls and the behavior of the local population conscious of the natural wonders that they protect, is absolutely amazing.


If in Mexico City, where we currently are, do try these out

Mexico City is a paradise for food lovers. All the classic dishes from across the country can be found here. It’s very difficult to pick one option – buy you ought to try the tons of street food courts that serve quesadillas, sopes, tlayudas and tacos. It’s cheap, good and tasty.

And the best tip that we can give is, be open for the cultural shock, Mexican people are nice and they will always be helpful, but the lifestyle in the city is sometimes too fast and it can be overwhelming for some the first time.

Two cities we consider sustainable models

Again Queretaro in Mexico. This city as discussed earlier offers the best ecological experience the country offers. And Vienna in Austria. We are currently living here, but Zsuzsi has spent the past 5 years of her life here. This city is one of the most beautiful in Europe with conscious ecological programs to be found everywhere. Conscious campaigns to manage resources, green energy and plenty of sustainable options (food) can be found in every corner.

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