One Planet Rating celebrates White Monday

On November 23, it is once again time for the Black Friday. However, today the 19th November One Planet Rating joins over 130 companies, organizations & influencers in celebrating White Monday – a counterpoint to that day. A day to showcase the circular economy. And these efforts are supported by WWF, Nature Conservation Association and Cradle.

The White Monday campaign discards the over-consumption that Black Friday brings, and instead shows up a lot of options for smarter and more sustainable consumption. White Monday’s initiator is Henning Gillberg at Repamera, which is organized this year with Medveten Konsumtion.

Head to the website where you can find loads of options including discounts on repairs, second hand & rental of goods. This aims to make it easy for consumers to find alternatives that do not affect the environment and combat over-consumption.

“We see a clear trend towards sustainable travel and sustainable tourism and initiatives like WhiteMonday are an exciting way to accelerate this important development, as travel is a major part of every human being’s consumption,” Richard Lindberg, CEO at One Planet Rating.
Also we see this as a perfect day for you to explore your local sights and activities and rate them on our platform. Sign up using the “whitemonday” promo code and gain an extra 500 sign up points today!
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