Meet Blue Ollis, the blogger and YouTuber promoting intentional living

Meet Blue Ollis. A keen advocate of living sustainably and cruelty-free, Blue is a UK based blogger and YouTuber sharing her journey through veganism, sustainability, zero-waste, minimalism and holistic wellness.

Blue Ollis, UK blogger and YouTuber

My journey and interest in opting for this lifestyle

It hasn’t felt like a conscious effort as living sustainably seems to be the obvious choice when the other option is to live in a way that harms our collective home. We have an urgent matter on our hands and living in a way that can support our futures is not only the best things I can do but feels like the only thing I can do.

If I want to live in a world where people are free and thriving, I must live in that world today and not contribute to a future that is destructive.

If you are starting out of a zero waste lifestyle

Take it slowly if need be and start where you are.

Each day look to do better and discover something new.

Keep learning and growing and make it part of your daily life.


On adopting a vegan lifestyle

Blue Ollis, eating vegan

Veganism isn’t a lifestyle, it’s a social justice movement for the equality of all animals, human and non-human. It seeks to end all untoward behaviours and as someone who believes in equality and love this is the only way for me to live. This alongside the health risks and environmental impact of eating animals made it a no-brainer to choose to live vegan.

Once you’ve made the connection and realised that there really is no excuse for animal abuse, you wont be looking at animal flesh the same way. Eating plant-based is simple, easy, the most nutritious diet o the planet and will save our environment for future generations

Adopting a vegan diet is the best thing I have ever done.


A great travel destination

I love Germany for it’s many plant-based eateries, vegan supermarkets and forward-thinking ethos.

Barcelona is another great place for vegan food and has a great hub of activists.

Blue Ollis traveling

Finally, a tip to ensure travelling sustainably

Make sure you always have access to clean running water before you travel so you don’t need to buy bottled water. Also travel by boat, bus, train and coach before opting to flying.

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