5 tips to travel sustainably

Over the last few months, we interacted with a host of bloggers from across the world striving to inspire a change in the way people travel. They’ve described their incredible journey to sustainability and shared some amazing tips to help people embark on a journeys sustainably.

In this post, we collate some of the tips they’ve shared so you can plan the perfect sustainable trip this summer. The best thing is these are simple and practical without requiring an overhaul in the way you travel.



Visit Rural Areas

Bloggers, Lyall and Joy, from Sustainable Jungle recommend rural tourism as a must. They explain, “Your visit provides additional support to rural communities often struggling to put food on the table. Aside from reducing the obvious human suffering, you could also help alleviate flow on effects like deforestation, animal poaching, wildlife and drug trafficking – all of which contribute in various ways to the degradation of the earth.”

“Go off the beaten path. Wander into places that are not found on the map.

Get lost and find yourselves”

Traveller and Blogger, Abhi, India

Want to buy a unique souvenir? 


“Buy fair-trade and locally-made gifts,” says Misty Foster, founder of Green Suitcase Travel (GST), a US based sustainable travel platform. “You might only get one or two things because they can cost more, but they will last longer and be a better investment. I think that’s what a lot of this is about – What mindful decisions can you make that are contributing towards or investing in a more sustainable future? ,” says Misty.

Reusable water bottle – A must have 

Shannon Kenny founded MAMA ECO and Saskia Griep, Founder of Better Places Travel, recommend reusable bottles as a must have on trips. They are the best way to avoid single-use plastic water bottles.

Check out the Aluminum bottles (pictured below), #refillnotlandfill movement in Cambodia recommends.

As per them, even if one were to consider an average lifespan of only 3 years, a single aluminium bottle can replace as many as 4380 plastic bottles.

Stay in eco-friendly accommodation 

Oksana & Max from Drink Tea & Travel quit their 9-5 jobs four years ago to opt for a nomadic lifestyle exploring the world. The recommend opting for eco-friendly accommodation as a great way to travel sustainably. In fact they are soon opening their own eco-lodge Drift Away in Playa Avellana, Costa Rica. They believe green hotels can have a huge impact on the environment and local communities they operate in.

Check out a review a fellow traveller left behind on this eco-friendly camp site and home stay in India, Krishna River Camp. (Share your own experiences and recommend stays across the world on One Planet Rating)

Pictured below is another one from India. Located in Alchauna village in the Himalayas, is The Silent Valley – Experiential Farm Stay, advocating responsible travel. Read more.

Use less of transportation 


Australia born, traveller and blogger, Kate, Travel for Difference, recommends this as a great way to travel responsibly. She says, “I know that seems pretty difficult, but it doesn’t mean that you have to stop travelling all together… It just means that when you can, use other options instead. Walk instead of getting in a taxi for 5 minutes, ride a bike – and in terms of distant travel, maybe take the train or even an overnight bus instead. If you want to be eco-friendly, always toss up which option is more sustainable and go with that!”

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