5 sustainable beaches you can’t afford to miss

The Blue Flag certification

In our last post, we featured the global eco-label Blue Flag programme. Operated under the auspices of the Foundation for Environmental Education, the Blue Flag voluntary eco-labels are awarded to beaches, marinas, and sustainable boating tourism operators. So to qualify for the Blue Flag, a location has to meet and maintain a series of stringent requirements.

Some of the criterias for sustainable beaches, which are Blue Flag certified include:
– Excellent bathing water quality
– The beach must be clean
– A supply of drinking water should be available at the beach
– First aid equipment must be available
– Facilities for the separation of recyclable waste materials must be available

These are just a few. For a full list click here.

We now take look at some of the sustainable beaches certified by the Blue Flag label. The beaches selected are in no order and have been selected randomly across geographies. Here are some  that caught our eye.

Rösjöbadet, Sweden, Stockholm

Here there are, among other services, changing rooms and a cafeteria. It is a fine sandy beach, which has a diving tower, long jettys and a handicap ramp.

Rösjöbadet one of the sustainable beaches

Blue flag season: 10 June – 01 September


Camps Bay Beach, Cape Town, South Africa

It is known for its pristine white sandy beach and blue tranquil waters. Also it is the world famous Table Mountain and Twelve Apostles mountain chain looms over the beach. What is more, it is well sheltered when the southerly winds are blowing in the summer.

Camps Bay Beach sustainable beach

Blue flag season: 01 December – 31 March


Bluffer’s Park, Toronto, Canada

It has a long, sandy beach, picnic areas, walks, and lookouts. It is located beneath the Scarborough Bluffs, an escarpment formed by the erosion of packed clay.

Bluffer's Park sustainable beach

Blue flag season: 04 June – 05 September


Jumeirah Three, Dubai, UAE

This is a natural open beach, stretching 1.3 km, which allows a variety of recreational activities including water sports.

Jumeirah Three sustainable beach

Blue flag season: 30 Oct – 30 Oct


Praia de Palmas, Governador Celso Ramos, Brazil

This is the longest beach in Governador Celso Ramos (almost three kilometers long). Suitable for surfing and jet skiing at the north part and for swimming, fishing, and other water sports at the south side. From the beach the visitor can see closely three islands: Grande, Palmas and Trinta Réis. Furthermore, during high season (summer), Palmas gets more than ten thousand tourists a day.

Praia de Palmas sustainable beach

Blue flag season: 14 Nov – 20 Mar

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