5 of the world’s least visited countries and why you should head there

Okay, so we’ve all heard of overtourism and the ill effects it has had on destinations across the world. One of our featured posts with Silvija Rumiha, founder of Zero Waste Bali, highlighted the plastic problem the island of Bali has faced, a large part of it being the result of over-tourism. According to UK tour company Responsible Travel, overtourism is an issue on six of the seven continents. They’ve compiled an interesting list of destinations in an interactive map that can be accessed here.

Well, on the other side of the spectrum are places which, while boasting of magnificent sceneries and idyllic settings, are not visited enough. Recent data compiled by the UN’s World Tourism Organization reflects many of the world’s least-visited countries, where you’ll find gorgeous natural beauty, culture and history without having to scamper through crowds.

Here’s a list of our five picks from the list,


Think mountains, castles, and loads of greenery…….And, Liechtenstein maybe an ideal destination for you. Situated on the banks of the Rhine in Central Europe, and snuggled between Switzerland and Austria, this is the sixth-smallest country in the world. If hiking’s your thing, try out the Princes’ Way – a famous route which lets you hike through the mountains and take in some of the best sceneries across the country. 

International tourist arrivals in 2017: 79,000



If adventure is on your mind, how about nine active volcanoes, a jungle, steaming hot spring and loads of beaches. You could head to the youngest island country in the Caribbean chain – Dominica. And while you’re there, don’t miss out on the Boiling Lake. It is described as a cauldron of bubbling greyish-blue water that is usually enveloped in a cloud of misty vapour, surrounded by lush green plains.

International tourist arrivals in 2017: 79,000


Timor-Leste or East Timor

Asia’s newest country, the tourism industry is still at an infancy stage here. It’s been described as having the ‘best-in-the-world’ reefs to dive. And while you’re diving, you could well spot the dugong. And the best way to explore the richness of this nation is cycle with ample territory to explore.

Also while you are here, ensure you get to stay in the special “Uma luliks” houses (pictured above). These are sacred totem houses, made out of natural materials like timber, bamboo, wooden planks, twine and rope made out of the native palm called arenga pinnata.

International tourist arrivals in 2017: 74,000



Planning Seychelles? Well it’s expensive and can be crowded. Try Comoros instead. This archipelago is located between Madagascar and Mozambique.  Known by many as the “Perfume Isles”, the islands are blessed in flora, the fragrance of which occasionally accompanies the breeze. And it’s rich in fauna too. For one, on its smallest island of Moheli, there are about 30,000 sea turtles that nest at the coastline.

International tourist arrivals in 2017: 28,000



If you’re looking at a laid back island vacation, you could head to Tuvalu. It is a group of nine tiny islands in the South Pacific situated between Australia and Hawaii with a population of just 11,000. With no point on Tuvalu higher than 4.5m above sea level, locals have campaigned against climate change, arguing it could see the islands swamped by rising sea levels.

And, international tourist arrivals in 2017: 2000.

An interesting fact – the largest government revenue source is via its unique country code domain name “.tv”. 

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