Month: October 2017

Awareness in Progress

The One Planet Rating blog now gives you a first hand account of how one of our team members, Monika, started to get aware about the need for sustainable travel and tourism. We all have moments like these and we encourage our users to reach out to us with their experiences, perhaps your story will be a future post? It …

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The Mass Market Adoption

The third in our series of blog posts, regarding the how and why behind One Planet Rating, covers the reason for why we aim to create a mass movement. I can find all kinds of hotels and restaurants on your platform, even ones without any sustainability focus at all – what’s up with that? It’s our mission at One Planet Rating to facilitate …

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The Certification Conundrum

Welcome to the second blog post. This time we discuss the merits of user ratings vs third party certifications and how they fill different functions. There is already a vast number of green travel and tourism certifications, shouldn’t we just leave it to the experts? Do people even care in the first place? Traveling means exploration and adventures that shape you …

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